MattElektra Camelot AU/King Arthur x Morgan Le FayIn a world…

MattElektra Camelot AU/King Arthur x Morgan Le Fay

In a world where kings ruled and were only supposed to marry royalty, King Matthew of Camelot fell in love with the daughter of the known witch Alexandra, long before he ever met his betrothed, the Lady Karen. 

As children, they would play together and as teenagers they fell in love. But in such a superstitious culture, the daughter of a witch is always supposed to follow in her mother’s footprints.

Matthew’s chief advisor Stick, also known throughout the region as Merlin, strongly opposed his relationship with Elektra, but Matthew ignored his advise.

In a desperate attempt to pull them apart, Stick secretly had Elektra killed by a trained assassin named Nabu, thus putting his worries at ease, never minding that Matthew was left heartbroken.

But even trained assassins can make mistakes.

Years later, after he got engaged to the Lady Karen, Matthew starts having dreams about his first love, along with an intense knowing.

She’s alive; she’s always been alive.