On the topic of “Each season 2 of Netflix Marvel breaks their protagonist down”, we currently have:

Matt: Forced to confront his inner demons through his interactions with Frank and Elektra, who act as twisted mirror versions of himself

Jessica: Ruined her perception of family by having her mother be a deranged killer and her sister figure throw their relationship away in her quest for powers 

For our remaining three heroes, I predict:

Luke: Ruins his public image of the “straight-laced, happy-go-lucky community hero” by going too far in his quest to stop Bushmaster

Danny: Forces him to forge his own path when his preconceived notions about the Chaste, the Hand, K’un L’un, and Rand Enterprises are ruined (like him learning that Davos was supposed to be the Iron Fist) 

Frank: Makes him realize that he’ll never be at peace with himself and that he needs to go back into war, even if it means seeking out conflict