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Legend Steve Ditko, best known for Co-Creating Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, passed away at age 90

Without Steve, we wouldn’t be rife with the spectacular comics we have today. With films like Doctor Strange and Spider-Man Homecoming in the MCU, both Directors (Scott Derrickson and John Watts) have individually paid their respects, reflecting on the legend, essentially saying that their films were love letters to Steve’s incredible artwork and panels. Movies aside, his artwork was unique, unparallelled and with the psychedelic surrealism of Doctor Strange’s comics in particular, he was ahead of the curve for sure, pioneering comics for years.

People like Steve have changed and influenced lives like my own. I live and breathe comics (and the movies he influenced), so to hear of his passing is certainly saddening, but the best we can do is pay our respects and remember the abundance of creations he had a hand at bringing to life. We can all make sure his talents are remembered. He created the unforgettable; so let’s keep it that way ❤

Stephen J. Ditko

November 2nd 1927 – June 29th 2018