PSA – Archive of Our Own

Okay, I know that a good majority of us read fanfic. And AO3 is quite popular, I love that site.

I recently just came across a site on my laptop while I was looking some klance fics to read. I found one and clicked on the link which said it was an AO3 fanfic. Norton Security prevented me from accessing the site because it ‘may be impersonating AO3 to steal your personal or financial information’

If you find a link to a fanfic and it has ‘’ run for the hills. The true AO3 is .org not .com. It may seem obvious but it’s pretty easy to miss. Just letting all my fellow fanfic addicts out there know that there is a scammer.

I’m trying to tag all the fandoms I’m in so that those people are aware.

What kind of person impersonates a well known fanfic site to steal information. Such a heinous crime. I will admit, this person was pretty smart. All kinds of people read fanfics, especially teenagers. Just think of that and how easy it would be.

Please reblog to every fandom and if you find any other fanfic sites being impersonated please add them to this post. Some of us fanfic readers are close to being adults or are already adults, but there are still twelve year olds and younger who don’t pay attention to things they find on the internet.