guys help me this is ridiculous 

ok so

what if, for whatever reason, Tony had to call Peter on his way to school and talk about some serious thing or another about fuck it i dont know megatron 

peter’s had a late night though so not ALL pistons are firing and when it comes time to hang up peter says “‘kay love you bye”

then he realizes what he just said and instead of apologizing and sputtering like he usually would his brain goes ‘oh shit better hANG UP IMMEDIATELY’





Ned is in the middle of trying to make a vine of himself when, behind him, Peter walks up to a trashcan.

he’s already climbing inside by the time ned laughingly asks him what he’s doing

both feet in the trash, hand holding the lid up, peter deadass stares ned right in the eye and says “going home.” 

then he closes the lid.

ned uploads the video and the internet loves every bit of it