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    Both Luke and Danny have been pretty adamant in this universe about not “profiting off the misery of others”. Thus, if their partnership does end up happening (which it should!), they probably won’t actually be heroes for hire. With that in mind, Iron Fist Season 2 provided a really nice, alternate way of exploring a key element of Danny’s decision to work for money in the comics.

    After all of the chaos of his arrival on Earth, his revenge quest, Colleen’s multiple kidnappings, etc. etc… Danny finally starts to settle into a new life in New York. One thing he quickly realizes is that, thanks to his wealthy upbringing on Earth and then, er… non-finance-focused life in K’un-Lun, he has no sense of the value of money. Realizing this, and having recently been burdened with regaining his inheritance (at Jeryn Hogarth’s insistence), Danny makes a crucial decision. 


Joy: “I expected you to find your way back here eventually. I hoped it’d be sooner. Half of all this is yours after all!”

Danny: “True. The question is– do I belong to the company? You fit here– the spacious office– the decisions– the power. You have a right to it– I don’t.”

Joy: “Don’t you?”

Danny: “No– I haven’t earned it– yet. Let me explain.”

Power Man and Iron Fist vol. 1 #52 by Ed Hannigan, Lee Elias, and F. Mouly

    Danny explains to Joy that his lack of interest/experience in running a company means he has no right to his position at Rand-Meachum. He wants to solve this gap in his education by going out and earning a living on his own terms. He hands his 51% of the shares over to Joy and joins Heroes for Hire.   

    Again, Heroes for Hire (sadly) doesn’t exist in the MCU, but Danny is still going through this same process. His fight for his inheritance in Season 1 was for psychological reasons, and he made it clear that it had nothing to do with the money. Since then he has protested again and again that his fortune does not define him, and that he’s not interested in just living off it comfortably. In general, if we look at Season 1 as an adaptation of Marvel Premiere, with its emotional turmoil and revenge quests, then Season 2 is analogous with Iron Fist volume 1 and PMIF volume 1. Over the course of those series Danny settles into a life in New York City, starts working as a superhero, gets a girlfriend, has his chi stolen by Davos for the first time, struggles with his identity as Iron Fist and ends up becoming disillusioned with K’un-Lun, and– as mentioned– gets a paying job. MCU Danny has maintained more of a presence at the company than his comics counterpart did during this period, in that he hasn’t handed his shares to Ward (which is probably a good thing…). But by going out and seeking to make an honest living in a low-paying job, he is perfectly mirroring 616 Danny’s actions and mindset, which makes me really happy.