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So are the Marvel Netflix shows completely over? Is there no chance for Disney to rehire the same actors to do the same shows in their new streaming service?

With each cancellation so far, Netflix Marvel has announced that all these characters will live on. The issue with this is that were unsure whether the portrayed actors currently will be able to portrayal those parts again. On Disney’s part, it would be smart to make a move on announcing new projects with the Marvel’s Defenders Universe within their streaming service sooner than later. 

From what it seems, the cancellations of the shows productions do unfortunately look permanent. While the characters themselves may be back to our screens shortly on the new streaming service if all goes well. As for the actors, its really hard to say. I don’t think the actors themselves know for sure or if they do its under wraps until its announced. So hopefully we get news soon because Jessica Jones and The Punisher will likely follow in these cancellations. 

I think this blog isn't going to have any new material soon. I think all the marvel shows are going to get canceled because of disney.

this is the only content we will be about posting from now on: 


What if by any chance Jessica Jones had a kid what would it’s powers be?

In certain alternate universes in comics, Jessica and Luke have a child named Danielle Cage. She has powers similar to both her parents: Superhuman strength, durability, healing factor… guided landing, etc. So I think its safe to assume if MCU!Jessica has a child with anyone, it will at least inherit her powers.

I don’t know what i submission, I’m kinda new to tumblr…

Welcome to tumblr! You can submit here as well as other places on my blog. On the website, there is a tab labeled “Submit Quotes,” and on mobile, you can click on “submit” in my description. There is a set of guidelines attached to it that I encourage you to follow!

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Incredible. 10/10.

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Could you do the human sacrifice from gravity falls with the defenders


I’m not familiar with Gravity Falls, so I don’t what you are referring to. However, I would love it if you sent it as a submission! Just be sure to follow the guidelines 🙂

In some of your quotes, you put *insert character name* x *other character* and I was wondering if that was to show a ship, or just the quote involving them? Reason being is I saw one quote say Jessica x Trish and that reallyyyyy bothered me, since they’re basically siblings.

I use that tag for all popular relationships, including both family and romantic ones.

Do you take gif requests?

Yes! Although we will need time cause the members are still trying to get through the second season of Luke Cage. I’d say ask for requests in a few days although if you want to send them now that’s fine. Just know it will take some time.

Do you think Netflix will make a Daughters of the Dragon series?

If were lucky. The thing is Colleen Wing and Misty Knight have been set up in a way to be central to Luke Cage and Iron Fist. While we hope it happens, there is doubt whether this could happen. I mean people were hoping for an Elektra Natchios series but it looks quite doubtful of that ever happening.

The Daughter of the Dragon are likely to happen whether a series or not since they are getting pushed together by the plot of Misty losing her arm. That being said, we only have seen Heroes for Hire, Danny and Luke be seen together in Luke Cage’s next season. Colleen and Misty are apart of Heroes for Hire as well but we don’t know if that will be established in the same way.

Nothing is for sure as of yet. But at this point we don’t have enough to suggest we’ll for sure get a Daughters of the Dragon series. Colleen Wing has been limited by her role as a love interest and if we do get more writing with Misty, then it could be a possibility. Probably nothing in the near future but a possibility after the second season of Iron Fist. We’ll have to see what we get in the second season of Luke Cage first.

Damn, that’s disappointing. Especially since the original concept of Agents of Shield was to introduce Inhumans to the MCU specifically for an Inhumans movie that was supposed to affect the Infinity War timeline. Although that was back in 2014. Thanks for taking the time to reply!

It is, but since it’s a shared universe, anything is possible! And You’re welcome!