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Captain America: Civil War (2016)
dir. Joe and Anthony Russo.


Was that the time we used our train money to buy hot dogs?







Marvel peddling their sugar daddy Tony Stark: Tony has a feeling that something bad is coming and is doing everything in his power to keep the Earth safe.

Me, an intellectual: 

Now you know damn well… There was no indication at the end of Civil War that Tony had any feeling/inkling of something bigger coming. It was Thor in Age of Ultron that sensed something was off in the force or whatever. Even in that little mini short of what he was doing during Civil War he had a drawing of the Infinity Gauntlet so I really don’t know how y’all jumped to Tony being the one to tell something is off but okay, sure Jan, whatever.  

tony stark in IM3: *builds army of suits to protect his loved ones because he’s convinced that “threat is imminent”* *has been convinced of that since the alien attack in new york*

tony stark in IM3: *has anxiety attack when harley asks him if the aliens will come back*

tony stark in AoU: *acknowledged to have been thinking about ways to protect the earth from intergalactic threats. wants a “suit of armor around the world”*

tony stark in AoU: *worst nightmare scenario is the avengers/earth succumbing to a hostile alien take over he didn’t do enough to stop*

tony stark in AoU: *to steve, regarding extraterrestrial threats* “we can bust arm dealers all live-long day, but that up there? that’s the end game. how are you guys planning on beating that?”

tony stark in AoU: *met with derision when he tries to explain the importance of ultron based on a previous extraterrestrial attack*

tony stark in AoU: *to nick fury, about his nightmare scenario, which is the earth perishing due to extraterrestrial threat* “i saw them all dead, nick, felt it. the whole world too”

tony stark in AoU: *adamantly tells steve that “everything that’s happened” is “nothing compared to what’s coming”*

thor in AoU: *after explaining his vision about the infinity stones to the team* “STARK IS RIGHT.”

me, more of an intellectual: tony stark has been worrying about and sensing future extraterrestrial threats and trying to think of ways to protect the earth from that exact greater threat since the avengers battle in new york, so there’s absolutely nothing new to the idea that tony’s been the one who’s still trying to address that whole issue but sure, jan, whatever

To add on to this, I know people want to just say “Even a broken clock is right twice a day” and yeah, maybe Tony’s PTSD had a role in this, but people seem to forget that he’s also a genius???

Like Tony is always looking two steps ahead, its just who he is. And when he feels (and sees) that destfuction is coming, what does he try to do? He tries to get two steps ahead AKA Ultron.

And when he does try to explain himself to the team, they just roll their eyes like ‘yes we get it you went into a worm hole; not this story again’ and we even get the whole line about how when people try to stop a war before it starts people die (but like its war ppl are gonna die anyway so why sit on your butt and do nothing????)

You can say it was Tony’s paranoia, but you can’t tell me that he didn’t feel like a threat was coming.

just 2 add,,,

road to infinity war novel dialogue: 
tony: “(…)stuff is gonna start coming at us fast. and if we’re not up to full strength, we’re gonna get crushed”
happy: how do you know for sure? you saw what you saw when you went through that portal but-”
tony: thats right. i saw what i saw. and i know that loki wasn’t the only one pulling the chitauri’s strings. there’s something… ~someone else~ out there

tony stark in infinity war: whispers “this is it” when bruce tells him about thanos. tony has been predicting another inevitable alien attack ever since the battle of nyc. “this is it” = this is what he’s been predicting for years and now its finally here.

tony stark in infinity war: “thanos has been inside my head for 6 years since he sent his army to new york and now he’s back” 

thanos to tony in infinity war: “you’re not the only one cursed with knowledge” 

 To add to this, everything
that Tony has done since The Avengers (2012) has been because of the seed of
Thanos growing insidiously in the back of his mind – like he explicitly states in infinity war, like he almost says
those exact words holy shit –
creeping into his thoughts as the rest of the team eventually starts to shake off
the invasion of New York (orchestrated by Thanos if you recall) and moves on.
It manifests itself as his PTSD and panic attacks in Iron Man 3: where the
others have been able to get past it, the alien attack and the wormhole in
space lingers uniquely in Tony’s mind, festering and spreading. Tony feverishly
builds suits upon suits upon suits of Iron Man armour, some part of his
subconscious trying to abate a threat he himself doesn’t know is coming. At the
time, to everyone else and perhaps to Tony (and the audience) as well, it
seemed like irrational paranoia of a threat that had been taken care of, a
natural response to trauma from the only non-superpowered civilian on the
original Avengers lineup. Now, in light of Infinity War five years after the
fact, it, in retrospect, seems more like prescience. (”Thanos has been inside my head for 6 years”, starting from here, like Tony says in IW.)

Then, everything about Tony’s arc in Age of Ultron is almost a perfect
foretelling of the events of Infinity War. In Age of Ultron, Tony is plagued
more than ever with visions of what Thanos represents in his mind. Tony
creating Ultron is caused directly by his fear of what will happen if an
all-powerful extraterrestrial force descends upon the Earth. The vision that
Wanda puts in his head is this fear brought to the forefront: a vision of the
Avengers shattered and aliens wreaking havoc on the Earth, all because Tony did
not do everything in his power to stop it. His rationale, ever the mechanic and
futurist, is to build “a suit of armour around the world” to pre-empt extraterrestrial
calamity (aka Thanos, even though he doesn’t know it yet), essentially. He
calls it “the endgame” (the EXACT WORDS that Doctor Strange used in Infinity
War), he says that what they’ve seen is “nothing compared to what’s coming,” he
says he’s seen colder worlds than this. He says “we’ll lose,” if they don’t get
their act together. Again, it seems like Tony maybe, possibly, may have had some inkling of a powerful alien threat before the others. Even
Steve acknowledges (though he opposes) that Tony is trying to stop a war before
it starts.

Ultron was a mistake with grave consequences. But it wasn’t Tony’s hubris or
his arrogance that caused it. It was his foresight, something that Infinity War
finally acknowledges. Before Infinity War, Tony has had to atone for this
prescience, because of the misguided way in which he implemented it. Now,
finally, as Avengers 4 approaches, it is time that he be vindicated. The events
of Infinity War recognize the burning need for Ultron (or, what Tony’s vision
for Ultron was) and recognizes that Tony’s actions have been in response to
this need that went unheeded by most of the other Avengers. In Infinity War,
their outright dismissal of Tony’s concerns in Age of Ultron leads to
unprecedented catastrophe.

the films since Av1 – even maybe including Civil War as Tony tries to keep the
Avengers together because he knows the Earth stands no chance with them divided
and Ultron a failed mistake, and even maybe Homecoming, as Tony the futurist
tries to groom and furnish a new generation of heroes to do what he no longer
thinks he is capable of doing – Tony’s dire warnings of the inevitable threat of
powerful extraterrestrial invasion have been largely disregarded. Thor is the
notable exception as the OP so intelligently noted, but even he says after his vision, in AoU, and I quote:

Thor: I’ve had a vision. A whirlpool
that sucks in all hope of life and at it’s center is that. [he points to the
gem inside Vision’s head]

Bruce Banner: What, the gem?

Thor: It’s the Mind Stone. It’s one
of the six Infinity Stones, the greatest power in the universe, unparalleled in
its destructive capabilities.

Steve Rogers: Then why would you
bring it to…

Thor: Because Stark is

Sure, Thor
connects the dots about the Infinity Stones emerging over the past few years
and goes to look into them further at the end of AoU, and that’s definitely
great and important I love thor literally look at my url – given that he’s a 1500-year-old alien god prince, he of
all people would have the means to get specific information, more so than Tony
Stark – but it doesn’t negate Tony’s very, very real and very pressing concerns
of a Thanos-like threat over 6 years.

After Av1, the
thread is ridiculously simple to follow through Tony’s arc in the MCU: Iron Man
3 diagnosed Tony’s prophetic sense of calamity; Age of Ultron explored it and punished it; and Civil War made him atone for
it. Now, at last, Infinity War and, hopefully, Avengers 4 will vindicate it. And
if you’ve been paying attention AT ALL, you’ll know it has been a long, long,
long time coming.

Y’all doubters need to pay attention more, apparently.

In Avengers, Thor mentions that other civilizations are beginning to see Earth as a threat, and may start to attack in a “higher form of war”.

An army of aliens suddenly attacks, nearly overwhelming them, and causing SHIELD to shit their pants and send a nuke.

Tony goes through the wormhole and sees a massive army of more aliens. There are likely even more.

Tony is privy to all of the above.

Cue Tony panicking and making a bunch of suits for various purposes that are able to be remotely piloted by JARVIS (and probably all of the other AI he has stored around)

Tony tries to help SHIELD build a global defense system.

Tony then starts a more relaxed approach, getting the Avengers assembled and organized, and starting to build a global defense system.

Wanda whammies Tony while he is in the presence of the mind stone, something that has proven it can manipulate minds that are near it. That’s a tag team that hits Tony so hard he believes it to be prophecy. It’s merely his fears, but he fervently believes it true.

Tony panicks and creates Ultron.

The Sokovia Accords happen, and Tony sees that the only way to keep the Avengers as effective as possible, they need to sign.

Tony fucking loses it. The Avengers are as good as disbanded, everyone is scattered, the Earth is more vulnerable than it was before.

Tony creates the most powerful suit of armor he has ever created, and makes it so he has it on him at all times.

Thanos appears and Tony freaks the McFuck out. But it’s cool, at least he has his… Single suit of armor… A wizard… And a kid…

Not to mention that this gift of knowledge that Thanos speaks of might be something that we don’t currently understand. Perhaps one of the Watchers placed some knowledge into Tony. We don’t know what Thanos meant by that. But it’s likely significant.

So, doubters of Tony Stark, who has any questions?


favorite scenes:

marvel → bucky barnes + finding innovative ways to escape/fight in cap3


Is Wanda’s hair changing color because her powers are getting stronger?

Because that’s what happened to Pietro, right?

I like that


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