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I am Elektra, the assassin. To look upon me is to see the end of life.


Daredevil Noir (2009)


Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, 

Man Without Fear (2019-) #3


Preview of Man Without Fear (2019) #3 by Jed MacKay, Iban Coello, and Andres Mossa, on sale January 16.



    I imagine a lot of MCU Daredevil fans are feeling pretty lost right now. The first thing the Iron Fist twitter account did after the show ended was provide a link to the comics, and since the Daredevil account wasn’t kind enough to do the same, I wanted to put together some basic information for Netflix show fans who are unfamiliar with the comics and want to keep Daredevil in their lives post-cancellation! 

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Matt: “Bullseye. Should have known it’d be him. It was always going to be him.”

Mike: “Hey, you’re Bullseye, right? Heard you killed Karen Page. I loved that lady.”

Matt: “Mike. How are you here?

Mike: “Heard the Kingpin put out a big contract on you. Figured I’d get involved. […] You’re working with my brother, trying to bring down Wilson Fisk, ain’tcha? I can help you do it. Trust me, Daredevil. I’m your new best friend.”

Daredevil vol. 5 #611 by Charles Soule and Phil Noto


DAREDEVIL #611 (2016)


Honey, word is you took a wide swing at Luke Cage, his wife, and his best pal. You’re going to be in assisted living by breakfast. You do know you’re being actively hunted as we speak.

Welcome DAREDEVIL’s new creative team Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto!


we’ve walked this road before. i don’t have to say a word. she’d leave, and neither of us would owe each other anything. maybe i’d never see her again. but i don’t think i want that. i think… we want the same thing.