Category: frank x karen

Matt *on the phone*: Hey, Frank, I’m down with killing people now; could use some help with Fisk.

Frank: I don’t know, Red. We don’t typically work we-

Matt: Karen’s in danger.

Frank *gun click in the background*: Where you at?

Karen: Listen guys, Frank and I were talking last night-
Micro: Pillow talk alert! Set the scene: spooning or face-to-face?
Frank: Lieberman!
Micro: [whispers] Spooning.

Frank *handing Matt a glass of water*: Here, I hope this will do.

Matt: It’s perfect. Thanks for inviting us in.

Frank: I invited Karen in. You were with her.

Frank: Since when are you such a badass?
Karen: Since always.

Karen: Maybe you should find a new hobby.

Frank: All of my hobbies include guns.

Frank: You didn’t think maybe we’d need some actual weapons?
Karen: Well, knowledge is really the best weap-
Frank: [pulls out gun] Pretty sure weapons are the best weapons.

Frank: [breaks down door] Excuse me for the interruption, gentlemen.
Karen: Frank!
Kidnapper: I’m sorry, who the hell are you?

Karen: Daredevil is here! Now we’ll see some real fireworks.
Frank: Excuse me? What do you call what I’ve been doing all day?
Karen: I don’t know. The word “reckless” comes to mind.
Frank: Very funny, Karen.

Karen: What’s your password?
Frank: DaredevilSucks.


I don’t want to lose you.