Category: I love her

A couple of years ago on screen and television, things start to shift in a big way. You start to see these complicated, messy women, and people are devouring them. We’re devouring them because there’s been a void and we see ourselves represented. All of us are complicated. All of us have shit that we run from, and when you become an adult, those methods for survival kind of don’t work anymore. And you have to go back, literally go back, and face these demons. That’s a theme that, I think, thematically women connect to. Everybody wants to be seen and represented and heard. Everybody wants to feel like they’re okay being really weird, different, or abnormal. We all do weird shit. We all do weird shit. And I think people are starting to see, like, “Wait a minute, my stuff isn’t that weird.” We’re all going through this. We all feel this. And I think it has to do with why we’re seeing such a big cultural shift. The more messy women that are put on screen and in books, the more we can be heard and relate and feel okay about it. 

Krysten Ritter