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ellenripleys: I’m trying to say that somethin…


I’m trying to say that something is coming.



Tony on his computer: Hey Pepper?

Pepper: If you’re gonna ask me if Peter would like one of those giant stuffed animals you got me the answer is no he wouldn’t

Tony: ….

Tony adding it to his cart: No I’m pretty sure he’ll like it



Aunt May Appreciation Post

Let’s talk about this scene

It really spoke to me, because usually the job of teaching a boy to tie a tie is left up to the father figure. Peter’s parents are dead, and Ben died the year before. Ben would have taught Peter to tie his own tie for homecoming, had he still been alive. This means the job was left to May. As we can see she clearly doesn’t know how to tie a tie, and in true modern day fashion turns to videos on the internet, but get this. She’s learning to tie it with him. I repeat. Instead of putting the video on and letting him have at it, she’s also learning along with him.

I appreciate Iron dad and spiderson as much as the next person, but I think we often forget that May was forced to transition from aunt by marriage, to mother figure. Then when Ben passed, she took on the role of being an aunt, mother, and father to Peter. She’s raising a teenage boy all on her own.

Half of both her and Peter’s support system is gone, and she manages to keep on like a trooper, while still supporting Peter.

She truly is an amazing woman who deserves such love and recognition.

We larb you too Aunt May.



Peter: I can’t go to school, stress is bad for the baby.

Tony: What baby?

Peter: Me.



okay but tony’s face when he finds out peter snuck on board the q-ship literally kILLS ME




Peter, jumping from roof to light pole: arachnobatics

Peter, somersaulting off the light pole: spidersaulting

Peter, landing on his face: Peter parkou-

Tony: I am begging you please stop

i recently found out spiders can’t stand…

i recently found out spiders can’t stand peppermint and all i could think about was peter finding out one day that he’s inherited that part of being a spider after trying to eat something peppermint flavored

tony: hey, want a stick of gum?

peter: sure! *puts the gum in his mouth, then expressionlessly opens his mouth and lets the gum fall onto the floor* 


peter: what the fuck was that





Tony: guys, I would tell you if I had a son

Peter: *walking past* hey, dad

Tony: oh hey, kiddo



Tony: okay, listen