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Greetings! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Stef, and I make gifsets over here, mostly for Agents of SHIELD. What you might not know is that I’m actually studying graphic design, and I’m addicted to enamel pins. Because of this, I have designed a set of enamel pins based around Marvel Television Shows, including both Marvel Netflix and Agents of SHIELD. 

However, designing pins is a costly process and many designers use Kickstarter to set up their pins and to fund them. In order to afford the manufacturing costs of these and to sell them, I need to raise the money first! If you’re interested and would like to buy a pin, you can go here and find information about how to pledge money over on Kickstarter in order to get a pin (or multiple pins!) of your favorite characters. Any amount counts, and with luck and success, I hope to do more designs and pins like this in the future. So please, if you want more merchandise for these severely under-appreciated shows or if you just have interest in supporting independent artists, either pledge if you’re able to or simply give this post a reblog so that more people can see it!

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Danny Rand & Joy Meachum Stills


Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2
Edited stills | Episode 203: This Deadly Secret…


The relationship of Ward and Joy Meachum
Marvel’s Iron Fist S1 vs S2


Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2
↳ Edited stills | Episodes: 201 & 202



Danny Rand, born 1 April 1991, Manhattan.


Don’t let them take him.


The degree to which everyone is skeptical of Danny’s story makes sense, but after a while it shifts from being funny to cruel. Danny has just lost his home, and to have that home scoffed at endlessly by his supposed allies is painful to watch. It is evident how this affects Danny– in Iron Fist Season 2 he even starts pre-empting it. There’s a moment when he’s discussing Shou-Lao with Ward, and he immediately follows it up with an offhand “I know, dragons, right?” because he’s so used to being laughed at. He desperately needs to talk about K’un-Lun in The Defenders as a way of processing his grief, and instead he’s met with scorn. 

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