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Iron Fist Week // Favorite Character 3/? • Danny Rand

Lei Kung taught me that I was a powerful weapon, a flame meant to destroy our enemies. But I keep thinking that maybe I could be something else. A light, for those trapped in the darkness.



Hello everyone!

So, today we (as in: IF fans) got some pretty shitty news and I’m sure none of us likes that our show got axed especially after such a good S2 run. BUT, while we make sure the network knows we’re not happy, we might as well celebrate our show that not many other people might have been into but that we all loved with a week of posting nice fan content in the tags, right?

The week runs from October 24th to October 31st so that it won’t clash with Nanowrimo but we still have a good ten days to get things ready and think about what we want to create. On the blog are linked rules, themes and FAQ, but I’ll stick the general prompts here as well. We’ll have:

  • Day One: Favorite Character

    Post anything related to your favorite IF character!

  • Day Two: Favorite Ship

    Post anything related to your favorite IF ship: it can be canon or fanon (m/m, m/f, f/f, whatever), as long as at least one of the characters has starred in IF S1 or S2. Other Defenders can absolutely be the other half of the ship. Threesomes or foursomes are also totally welcome 🙂

  • Day Three: Favorite Episode

    Post about your favorite IF episode! Anything pertaining to it or to something that happened in it is absolutely welcome.

  • Day Four: Favorite Gen Relationship

    Post anything related to your favorite gen/non-romantic relationship. Other Defenders can absolutely be the other half of the pair. More than two people in it are absolutely welcome.

  • Day Five: Favorite Scene(s)

    Post about your favorite scene from the show, or more than one.

  • Day Six: Cast Appreciation Day

    Post about your favorite cast member, your favorite cast quotes or moments or comicon pictures, or your experiences with them if you met them and let’s celebrate our amazing actors and actresses.

  • Day Seven: Free For All

    Post about whatever you want! Anything that doesn’t fit in the other categories is welcome here 😀

The prompts are not mandatory – honestly anything is great – but I figured some guideline as inclusive as possible might help out. You can participate just on one day or more, we’re good with everything. 🙂

I’ll post a few reminders through the next week. I hope we all have fun when the time comes and meanwhile let’s try to bring a little positivity to the fandom. For any question you have, the ask box is open with the anon on and you can find my personal blog’s contact info in the faq. Have fun!