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Expectations vs Reality


Jessica Jones – S3: EP4 “A.K.A I Have No Spleen”


I hear you got trouble. I always have trouble. Never seen you at my doorstep before. You’ve never been in the news so much. Every day, fifty-fifty, I see your face or your friend.


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Jessica Jones (2015-2019)


Greetings! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Stef, and I make gifsets over here, mostly for Agents of SHIELD. What you might not know is that I’m actually studying graphic design, and I’m addicted to enamel pins. Because of this, I have designed a set of enamel pins based around Marvel Television Shows, including both Marvel Netflix and Agents of SHIELD. 

However, designing pins is a costly process and many designers use Kickstarter to set up their pins and to fund them. In order to afford the manufacturing costs of these and to sell them, I need to raise the money first! If you’re interested and would like to buy a pin, you can go here and find information about how to pledge money over on Kickstarter in order to get a pin (or multiple pins!) of your favorite characters. Any amount counts, and with luck and success, I hope to do more designs and pins like this in the future. So please, if you want more merchandise for these severely under-appreciated shows or if you just have interest in supporting independent artists, either pledge if you’re able to or simply give this post a reblog so that more people can see it!

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Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones in Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season 3 (2019)


Site Update: Jessica Jones Season 3 Screening [328 HQ Tagless Photos]

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A few new videos clips from Jessica Jones Season 3, which will be airing this Friday (June 14)!


Jessica Jones is not and never will be a hero. Learn the truth on June 14th.