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kastle + physical contact


Daredevil 3.13


James Wesley. What was it like for you when he disappeared? Really, it’s those first 24 hours that are the worst, aren’t they? When you call and you call and you call and there’s just no answer. It becomes an obsession. The calling. The never ending loop of a ghost’s voice mail in your ear. You worry. You wonder. You swear, “God damn it, if he’s still living I’m gonna kill him myself.” Is that what it was like for you? Did you rage at him? Cause you thought he betrayed you? Because I wonder what would be worse for you. His duplicity or his death?


“Stop acting like these things just happen to you. No one’s making you go out all hours of night fighting bad guys. And nobody makes you lie to your friends, over and over again.”


I think it’s hurting him as much as it’s hurting us. Maybe Matt’s finally coming to his senses.


Alright so what, what does that mean? We go back to helping people out of a crappy office, getting paid in chickens? Yeah at least we’d have a place to sell the chickens

Matt *on the phone*: Hey, Frank, I’m down with killing people now; could use some help with Fisk.

Frank: I don’t know, Red. We don’t typically work we-

Matt: Karen’s in danger.

Frank *gun click in the background*: Where you at?

Karen: I know you want to keep me safe, but the only way to do that is to bubble wrap me and stick me in my closet.

Matt: Believe me, I’ve considered it.

Matt: I’m going to sing a song for you all.

Matt: It’s called “My Life So Far”.

Matt: *inhales and plays a chord”.