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Matt *on the phone*: Hey, Frank, I’m down with killing people now; could use some help with Fisk.

Frank: I don’t know, Red. We don’t typically work we-

Matt: Karen’s in danger.

Frank *gun click in the background*: Where you at?

Frank *handing Matt a glass of water*: Here, I hope this will do.

Matt: It’s perfect. Thanks for inviting us in.

Frank: I invited Karen in. You were with her.

Karen: Maybe you should find a new hobby.

Frank: All of my hobbies include guns.

Karen: Our daughter keeps getting calls from boys.

Frank: What? Why?

Karen: Because she’s charming and beautiful.

Frank: Trace the call, end his lineage, salt the earth.

Karen: I’m pretty sure he’s 7.

Frank: Then it should be easy.

The Punisher (2017-) ——

Jessica Jones (2016-)

Frank: I’m the toughest person in NYC! Nobody can break me! I’m heartless, cruel, and vengeful, and that’s how I’ll stay!

Karen: [Breathes]

Frank: hiiloveyousomuchi’lldieforyouinaheaetbeatyoulikecoffeecauseilikecoffeedon’tanyonethinkofkillingmyperfectcinnamonroll!!


The lovebirds scene has been haunting me since I watched the episode and knowing that it foreshadows the elevator moment makes me appreciate it all the more. So beautiful and tragic at the same time.

Frank: Alright, listen up, you losers!

Frank: Not you, Karen. You’re an angel and I’m thrilled to have you here.


It’s really good to see you. It’s good to see you.