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fashion of the mcu | luke cage (2×03 // wig out)
misty knight + red track jacket

“You know, that’s the second time somebody’s called me a bitch today. And it’s gonna be the last.”


The Godfather | Luke Cage Season 2


mcu meme – [6/8 antagonists] | cornell stokes/cottonmouth

“I’m all about the old-school…you know that eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kinda thing. Fire and brimstone. See…back then, do someone wrong, wasn’t no begging or pleading. Just took care of it. Handled your business.”


People needed someone that didn’t require a warrant or shield to get things done. Call it what you will, but like it or not, I finally accepted that that someone had to be me.


Mike Colter in Luke Cage Season 2 (2018)


Between the Dillards and the Stokes, I never felt really accepted. I loved the Johnsons, but I was always Mariah’s.


Deborah Ayorinde as Candace Miller in Luke Cage (Soliloquy of Chaos)

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You broke my nose!


You looking for Dontrell, ain’t you? He’s always beating on that poor girl. And her boy. Do you know where I can find him?