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Marvel Announces New Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and…


    These comics will join the already in-progress Cloak and Dagger and Jessica Jones ongoing series as part of Marvel’s new Marvel Digital Originals line. These are digital-first comics and– though they take place in the normal 616 universe– they seem to be aimed, in subject matter and format, at fans of Marvel’s TV properties. 

“MDOs are double-sized digital issues (40 pages) that are released once per month, with every three issues forming a complete story. While they don’t come out all at once like a Netflix show, the accelerated pace of release is meant to cater to those who discovered these Marvel heroes on TV and want to binge their comics in big chunks. After completing a story arc, each series will be printed and sold in comic shops.”


With Harlem in the grips of an unprecedented heat wave, the people look to their hero—the unbreakable man, Luke Cage! But the heat wave turns out to be the least of Harlem’s worries. Someone has their sights set on the city’s 1%, and the rich and powerful are dropping dead from mysterious illnesses. It’s up to Luke Cage to stop the killer—but he’s just received a grim diagnosis of his own…

Written by Anthony Del Col

Art by Jahnoy Lindsay and Ian Herring

Cover art by Declan Shalvey


A darkness is spreading through New York – something evil that preys on those who believe in the supernatural and the occult. And when palm readers and fortune tellers start turning up dead, the situation catches the attention of Danny Rand, aka the Iron Fist! But this might be one paranormal problem too great for even Danny to take on alone…

Written by Clay McLeod Chapman

Art by Guillermo Sanna Bauza and Lee Loughridge

Cover art by Khoi Pham


Misty Knight and Colleen Wing have been fighting crime as the Daughters of the Dragon for years but with Misty’s new job with the FBI, does this mean the two are splitzies? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! A crazy adventure that Colleen initiates puts comics’ two greatest ass-kickers on a collision course with a weird and scary side of the Marvel Universe that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by Travel Foreman

Source: IGN


Danny: As your best friend-
Luke: Jessica is my best friend.
Danny: As your best friend-

beyknowles: #baby boy


#baby boy

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bruce-wayne:Misty is a very confident physical…


Misty is a very confident physical woman. She’s a cop, plays ball, fights, shoots and her entire life has been built around the physical. After losing her arm, she loses her identity. She goes on to embody the resilience of the survivors, that despite all of the surgeries and physical pain and mental, emotional strain they went through.

They were able to get prosthetics and rebuild their lives. — Simone Missick 



2×05 || 1×04

2×05 || 1×04

dailyironwing: Danny and Colleen’s wedding inv…


Danny and Colleen’s wedding invitation note to Misty
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endless list of MCU characters → hernan alvarez

beyknowles: You don’t need to be bulletproof t…


You don’t need to be bulletproof to be a superhero.