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I hear you got trouble. I always have trouble. Never seen you at my doorstep before. You’ve never been in the news so much. Every day, fifty-fifty, I see your face or your friend.


Greetings! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Stef, and I make gifsets over here, mostly for Agents of SHIELD. What you might not know is that I’m actually studying graphic design, and I’m addicted to enamel pins. Because of this, I have designed a set of enamel pins based around Marvel Television Shows, including both Marvel Netflix and Agents of SHIELD. 

However, designing pins is a costly process and many designers use Kickstarter to set up their pins and to fund them. In order to afford the manufacturing costs of these and to sell them, I need to raise the money first! If you’re interested and would like to buy a pin, you can go here and find information about how to pledge money over on Kickstarter in order to get a pin (or multiple pins!) of your favorite characters. Any amount counts, and with luck and success, I hope to do more designs and pins like this in the future. So please, if you want more merchandise for these severely under-appreciated shows or if you just have interest in supporting independent artists, either pledge if you’re able to or simply give this post a reblog so that more people can see it!

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All of my animations I created for the Defenders!! SO pumped about this show….I know what i’ll be doing this weekend 😉


you and me,luke cage and the iron fist.
we belong out there


fashion of the mcu | luke cage (2×03 // wig out)
misty knight + red track jacket

“You know, that’s the second time somebody’s called me a bitch today. And it’s gonna be the last.”


the gangs all here

Thank you, Defenders. (2015-2019)


The Godfather | Luke Cage Season 2


mcu meme – [6/8 antagonists] | cornell stokes/cottonmouth

“I’m all about the old-school…you know that eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kinda thing. Fire and brimstone. See…back then, do someone wrong, wasn’t no begging or pleading. Just took care of it. Handled your business.”


Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, 

Man Without Fear (2019-) #3