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To our anniversary. You’ll love it. 

I will love it. 

Then smile.



You can’t burn me, you can’t blast me, and you definitely can’t break me.

Marvel’s Luke Cage: Soul Brother #1 (2018) dir. Lucy Liu



In some ways, the thought scares her. Just how much she wants to live. Live happily with Matt. 

One of Kilgrave’s most innocuous yet insidious orders is “smile.” It’s repeated throughout the first season, and the name of the finale. Any woman knows the loaded meaning of smile. It’s a seemingly simple, even friendly request uttered by so many men in public spaces that its essentially demanding like Kilgrave does. While this instance was for a forged document and something small, it gives Jessica a chance to open up physically and in the narrative.

Today I’m free. Do you know why? No, ‘cause you’re a shitty investigator. So go talk to the cops, go steal someone else’s cases. You know what? Go beat off in the corner, because i don’t give a dead moose’s last shit.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA The Octopus (2018) dir. Millicent Shelton

If I believed in God, I’d say her sense of humor is for shit.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones: AKA Sole Survivor (2018) dir. Mairzee Almas