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 matt murdock in every episode: new york’s finest [S2E3]

“You know, funny thing about New York. Few people are actually from here. The one’s who are, they don’t leave, they can’t- they feel like the city is a part of them.”


#when all our hearts broke for matt

Matt *on the phone*: Hey, Frank, I’m down with killing people now; could use some help with Fisk.

Frank: I don’t know, Red. We don’t typically work we-

Matt: Karen’s in danger.

Frank *gun click in the background*: Where you at?

Matt: I’m going to sing a song for you all.

Matt: It’s called “My Life So Far”.

Matt: *inhales and plays a chord”.


Alright, guys, we’re going to do something different!

A while back, @waynefamilyreactions created a fun little game called “Caption Contests”. Essentially, the blog user will post a gif and YOU have to fill in what’s going on.


Write a caption for Jessica:

This is where you leave a comment. Something like…

“When you know exactly what you’re going to do to the man who stole your life.”

“Luke: Hey, Jess, have you seen my whiskey?

Jessica: gif”


“When you hate your foster sister’s boyfriend, and you know it won’t last.”

Something like that, preferably fun and light hearted, (and feel free to ask me questions if this is confusing you).

There will be a first, second and third place, with the winner’s blogs mentioned. My first one should be up soon so again, feel free to ask questions in case I wasn’t articulate enough! 🙂

Matt: Please pass the salt.

Jessica: *throws herself across the table*

Matt: What’s the brokest you’ve ever been?

Jessica: My card declined on a packet of ramen once. It was one packet. Cashier said, “man, just take it”.

Jessica: I’m not bitter.

Narrator that sounds strangely like Matt: She was indeed, very bitter.

Jessica Jones: Is the commentary still necessary?

Matt Murdock: It helps me feel in control during a frankly insane situation.

Danny Rand: I like talking this way ‘cause it makes everything sound important. Baloney trampoline. Ducktales

Matt: We need a distraction.

Jessica: Are any of you good at jumping up and down while making annoying noises?

Danny: My time has come.