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Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Star Krysten Ritter T…

Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Star Krysten Ritter To Make Directorial Debut In Season 3:

“I am beyond thrilled to make my directorial debut on Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” said Ritter. “The entire crew and cast has become family to me, and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to work with our incredible team in this new way. I am so grateful that Melissa Rosenberg, Jeph Loeb, Marvel, and Netflix entrusted me to take the reins.”

Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Star Krysten Ritter T…


Marvel’s Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter will be stepping behind the camera in an upcoming Season 3 episode of the Netflix drama series, making her directorial debut.

The third season of Jessica Jones recently began filming in New York City. In the series, Ritter stars as title character, NYC private eye Jessica Jones. Details about the episode she’ll be directing are being kept under wraps.

“I am beyond thrilled to make my directorial debut on Marvel’s Jessica Jones,” said Ritter. “The entire crew and cast has become family to me, and I’m so appreciative of the opportunity to work with our incredible team in this new way. I am so grateful that Melissa Rosenberg, Jeph Loeb, Marvel, and Netflix entrusted me to take the reins.”


Jessica Jones Season 3 to Begin Production Thi…

Jessica Jones Season 3 to Begin Production This Week:

According to a listing on Spoiler TV, Marvel’s Jessica Jones will begin filming its third season on June 20 in New York City. The rapid turnaround for the Netflix series comes as a bit of a surprise: Season 2 was just release in March on Netflix, and received an official renewal announcement the following month. The fast-tracked schedule takes the production window from Daredevil, which has recently completed filming of its third season, with a release expected sometime later this year.

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed to Arriv…

Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 Confirmed to Arrive This Year:



“The confirmation arrived this afternoon in a Reddit AMA with Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s head of television and an executive producer of the series. Responding to the question, ‘Can Iron Fist get his suit?,’ Loeb wrote, ‘You’ll be very happy with Season 2 coming this year!’ His answer is, of course, a two-for-one, as it not only confirms the release of Season 2 this year, but also the debut of Iron Fist’s traditional yellow-and-green costume, something fans have clamored for since, well, before the series launched in March 2017. It’s been teased, both in a flashback to an earlier Iron Fist in Season 1 and in the final moments of The Defenders, but producers insisted Danny wasn’t quite ready to don the mask just yet.”

    Our timeline prediction remains:

    –Luke Cage S2: June (confirmed, obviously. ONLY TWO WEEKS TO GO!)

    –Daredevil S3: September

    –Iron Fist S2: December

    It would be much more organic, both story-wise and season numbering-wise, to have Iron Fist before Daredevil, so we’re kind of hoping we’re wrong there. But either way, it is very exciting to have this– and the costume!– actually confirmed. 

Rosario Dawson Says Luke Cage Season 2 May Be …

Rosario Dawson Says Luke Cage Season 2 May Be Her Last Marvel TV Role:

Rosario Dawson admits that she might not return to the Marvel Netflix universe after Season 2 of Luke Cage. While appearing on a panel at MCM Comic Con London this past weekend, Dawson indicated her time may be coming to an end. “Yeah, its pretty wild actually. I don’t know if I’ll be back after this, to be honest, but it’s been an amazing few years,” reflected Dawson, who has appeared as Claire Temple across every single Marvel Netflix series except the first season of The Punisher. 

“I’ve been on a lot of different shows. I mean, I don’t know if maybe they do a third season of Luke Cage potentially, or maybe if they figure out some kind of way for me to be on The Punisher – just so I can feel like I’ve done every show.” Dawson revealed that her personal responsibilities may be a major factor for her potential departure.“My daughter is in high school, so I kind of want to not be 3000 miles away for work,” Dawson stated.

Mike Murdock Cometh!



    So… Marvel just released their August solicitations. Check them out if you haven’t yet, because August is clearly going to be the Month of Daredevil (well… actually, it seems to be the Month of the Fantastic Four– and they’ve earned it. But we’re getting a ton of DD too)! All of it looks great, but the reason I’m feverishly writing a post about these issues three whole months before they even go on sale is:

Spinning out of the events of THE HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: WEAPON LOST, a nightmare Matt Murdock never knew he’d have has come true — MIKE MURDOCK IS FLESH AND BLOOD IN THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!
Now, there’s someone running around with Matt Murdock’s face, which can only spell trouble for the Mayor Without Fear!

Once Matt Murdock’s alter-alter ego and fake twin brother, Mike Murdock has been made flesh and blood thanks to the Inhuman Reader.
But Mike Murdock has motivations of his own, and all the cunning and skill of his “brother” Matt at his disposal to make them come to fruition.
And things only get worse as Mike zeroes in on the people Matt cares about most!

    I’ve been pretty vocal around these parts about my adoration of the entire concept of Mike Murdock, both as a hilarious Silver Age joke and a surprisingly compelling examination of Matt’s psyche. He’s a chunk of Daredevil history that– thankfully– just won’t die, and echoes of his presence can be found in all of the subsequent volumes… and even, for one glorious moment, in the dark-and-gritty depths of the Netflix show. Mike persists as an easy gag, a personification of Matt’s id, and– as much as Matt would hate to admit it– one of his most memorable alter egos. The guise of Mike was so enticing to 1960s Matt that he even toyed with the idea of making him his main identity! That’s a persona with power, part of the reason I find him so interesting, and why these solicits are 100% dead-center right up my alley. 

    This isn’t going to be Matt’s first close encounter with his other alter egos. A few writers have taken great, mind-bending advantage of his plethora of personalities, bringing them together en-masse to give him a little psychological jolt. But I’ve always been sad that these multi-Matt get-togethers never included Mike.  


Daredevil vol. 5 #19 by Charles Soule, Marc Laming, Miroslav Mrva, and Matt Milla


Stick: “Y’know, I could fill this whole cemetery with the people you’ve been. The lives you’ve discarded. The masks you’ve worn. Remember Mike Murdock? Now that was a good one. But what say we limit this to a study of your major incarnations.”

Daredevil vol. 1 #349 by J.M. DeMatteis, Cary Nord, and Christie Scheele

    This tantalizing concept of giving “life” to Matt’s various alter egos has always been extra appealing to me in regards to Mike, just because he’s so out-there and fun, and because the idea of Matt coming face-to-face with him is so entertaining. (If I had written Shadowland, it would have ended with Mike emerging from the depths of Matt’s subconscious and one punch the Beast, but hey, maybe that’s just me…) The closest we’ve come so far was in DeMatteis’s run, when a mysterious yellow-suited DD started swinging around town, claiming to be the “original” Daredevil. This was eventually revealed to be Matt, who’d reverted back to his loudmouth, swashbuckly 60′s persona… and while he’s never identified as such in the text, I’ve always wishful-thinking-ly taken that to mean Mike. 


Matt: “So tell me, Fogster– why do you keep sabotaging yourself?”

Foggy: “Wh-who are you?!

Matt: “Who do I look like?”

Daredevil vol. 1 #345 by J.M. DeMatteis, Ron Wagner, and Christie Scheele

    But while Mike’s memory has stuck around to annoy his “twin brother”…


Reporter: “Now, wait– I thought you were the second Daredevil. Wasn’t there another who preceded you–? The brother of that blind lawyer, Matt Murdock?”

Matt: “(Caught again in the ‘big lie’! […] I wonder– will that one insane idea of creating a third identity for myself ever stop plaguing me?)”

Daredevil vol. 1 #100 by Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, and Stan G.

…he’s never officially physically manifested… until now! (Well, August.) 

    There are a few details that make me extra excited about this arc (beyond the obvious). One is that the artist will be Phil Noto, who is brilliant. I never imagined I’d ever get to see him draw Mike Murdock. Another is the cameo by Reader, a character Soule introduced during his Inhuman (2014) run. Reader is blind, and has the power to cause anything he reads to physically manifest. He’s a great character, and it will be fun to see him interact with Matt– though it’s doubtful Matt will be too happy with him, given the circumstances. And finally, there’s the idea of Mike as not just an annoyance, but as an actual threat. Obviously, I don’t want a full-on evil Mike. That’s not his personality. But he is self-serving above almost all else, and this could easily put him at odds with Matt. And who knows what his attitude will be regarding the nature of his existence? The situation is full-on Frankenstein-esque: Matt created this thing, gave it certain characteristics, and now it is being unleashed on his world and he’s going to have to actually deal with it

    Mike is, in many ways, the perfect adversary for Matt, and as such, has the potential to be highly dangerous. He has Matt’s combat skills, his intelligence (if not necessarily his attention span or motivation), and he’s not blind. And there’s the added factor (and it will be curious to see if Soule delves into this) of Mike literally being a facet of Matt’s personality. Everything that made Mike who he was– possibly minus the nutty sunglasses– came from Matt. Mike was a Matt free from secret identity concerns and societal restraints. He was an embodiment of a lifestyle that Matt, on some level, longed for. Since Matt has loosened up quite a bit since the 60s, this it probably no longer true. But it will be wild to see how he and Mike react to each other. I’ve been really enjoying Soule’s run, especially lately, but it’s been a while since I was quite this jump-up-and-down excited for an issue. I can’t believe that Mike Murdock: Born Again is happening in my lifetime. Expect more essays on the topic when August arrives.  




Wilson Bethel has reportedly been cast as Bullseye in the third season of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’. Bethel is best known for starring in ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ and ‘Hart of Dixie’!



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Jessica Jones Renewed for Season 3 – IGN

Jessica Jones Renewed for Season 3 – IGN:

The streaming giant has renewed Marvel drama Jessica Jones for a third season.

The renewal keeps the Marvel show on Netflix as Disney prepares to launch its own streaming service soon.

However, so far the company’s plans don’t seem to affect Netflix’s original Marvel shows. There’s no word yet on when Jessica Jones: Season 3 will debut.

Next up to premiere from the Netflix Marvel Defenders series’ is Luke Cage Season 2 on June 22, 2018.

‘Jessica Jones’ Renewed for Season 3 at Netfli…

‘Jessica Jones’ Renewed for Season 3 at Netflix: undefined