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Charlie Cox as Jerry in Betrayal. Photographed by Charlie Gray


Jon Bernthal
© Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health


Krysten Ritter for Marie Claire Malaysia (October 2018)


Charlie Cox on the First Time He Owned a Leather Jacket

Rosario Dawson and Laverne Cox for Harpers Bazar Magazine


Charlie Cox | Photographed by Jake Chessum for Playboy Magazine

(November/December 2018)


When the time comes, what do you want to be remembered for?
“How I loved and treated people, my films and work, how passionately I lived life.”

Lewis Tan


I realize that if my life had turned out any differently, that I would never have become Daredevil. And although people have died on my watch, people who shouldn’t have, there are countless others that have lived. So, maybe it is all part of God’s plan. Maybe my life has been exactly as it had to be.

Daredevil season 3


“I turned down a lot of parts and I ate a lot of canned tuna for dinner because I was just like ‘No, I don’t want to do that, no that’s awful,” she says. “But sticking to my guns paid off and I can look back now and be proud that I refused to take any stereotypical Asian parts.” — Jessica Henwick 


The cast of Marvel’s Daredevil at NYCC 2018, photographed by Maarten de Boer