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I was reading some comments on youtube and something to came to my mind.  This will make more sense if you have watched both show Jessica Jones and Daredevil but I will make it easy.

Someone talked about how Matt chose Elektra over Karen and how “sad” that she died after he decided to runaway with her … and somehow that brought up to me the end of JJ season 2, as the same situation

Jessica is kidnapped by her biological mother, who she thought dead for almost 20 years and she´s also being experimented on, too but she went nuts and couldnt control her anger and stuff, she killed people basically,,,

ANYWAYS, she kidnaps Jessica and tries to convince (MANIPULATE ) her into thinking that running away TOGETHER is the best choice for everyone …. She tells Jessica that *NO ONE ELSE can understand her, ONLY SHE can because they are the same* they both have power and they are stronger than everyone else… she also pictures this fantasy that they can go to a war zone and help there and bring water and food for the ones in need, they could be WHO THEY REALLY ARE, THEY CAN BE HEROES (knowing Jessicas fear that she was never a good of a hero)… she convices Jessica that ONLY HER can help her to control her temper, she is the ONLY ONE that can SAVE HER and by saving her she is saving alot of people´s live!!! …

Of course, Jessica had a hard past and she struggles ALOT with her past, anger, bitterness and future, so she easly falls for it but NO, theres ONE THING

TRISH WALKER. Jessica refuses to leave Trish … but her very manipulative mother tells her “SHE WILL BE BETTER WITHOUT YOU. She almost got herself killed because she wants to be like you. they dont get, they never will, they feel inferior around us, she will be better without that, without you” and thats it, Jessica loves Trish more than anyone and she LETS HER MOTHER, or she convinces herself that its the truth,.. the ONLY OPTION, THE BEST SHE CAN DO  to protect Trish and Malcom, to save her mother, to save herself from all this anger and unhappiness is to runnaway …

Matt and Elektra… if reading about Jessica and her manipulative mother didnt sound FAMILIAR to you, I´ll break it down a little bit.

Matt struggles alot too, He has this difficult past, his bigger fear is to be abandoned, to be rejected so he doesnt let people in… somehow he did that with Elektra back in the day and as any good sociopath manipulative person that she is, she knows how to get into him.., Matt doesnt want her in his life, he IS with Karen and he has a good life going, being Daredevil at night, being the catholic lawyer bringing justice , working with his friends and starting FINALLY a romantic relationship with Karen but Elektra comes just to ruin everything,

she manipulates him to help her, out of guilt, he cant abandon her and get her killed, so he helps her and she manages to get into his head more and more, to the point where he not longer believes he can have the GOOD LIFE he had going before she came back,,, he cant be daredevil and Matt Murdock, NO ONE understands him, Foggy doesnt, he cant tell Karen, he is not worthy of her, she is too damn good for him, he cant give her what she needs, he cant keep her safe, if he wants to be daredevil he has to follow Stick´s words… he needs to push the people he cares about away, he needs to be daredevil FULL TIME and leave Matt Murdock behind…

Anyways, they BOTH manipulated Matt and Jessica thinking that they both were the ONLY ONES that could fully understand them and support who they REALLY are… they could be heroes or whatever they were,TOGETHER, no need to explain themselves … they could do some good for the world… they would KEEP SAFE to the ones they loved  (KAREN and Foggy. TRISH and Malcom), they would be BETTER without them in their lives, and also keep this person (Elisa and Elektra) safe and help them / CONTROL them.,  -***

If for ONE MINUTE you think “thats LOVE” or healthy, you need to THINK TWICE!

and guess what, THEY BOTH DIED at the end, thats telling…

Neither MATT nor JESSICA were acting out of love but out of fear or being tired of feeling alone and confussed, out of being MANIPULATED from two people who they love and could see their fears and struggles but INSTEAD of HELPING them, they manipulate them for SELFISH reasons, not thinking twice for a second that if Matt and Jessica left, they WOULD NOT be happy in the long term.

It took Matt alot to finally open up and start fully letting Karen and Foggy in, Im expecting for Jessica to let the anger out and to undertand that her mother was wrong and why Trish did what she did ….

-*** I will write another post about this,and why thats not freaking real !!!

Plus, Charlie Cox speaking the truth about Karen (vs Elektra)