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A few new videos clips from Jessica Jones Season 3, which will be airing this Friday (June 14)!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 3 Trailer | Final Season


Krysten Ritter takes on double-duty as she steps into the Director’s chair in the final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Krysten and her co-stars reflect on the powerful journey that led her from playing a superhero to directing her first episode.

Ten days until Jessica Jones Season 3!


The Punisher Official Trailer


Iron Fist Fanvid // Brothers & Sisters (Big Bright World)

There was a tag that was occasionally used in Guardians of the Galaxy fic: Unrequited Parent-Child Relationship. I loved that tag, and thinking about it made me think about how Iron Fist is one of the only shows I’ve seen where a big part of the show is its unrequited sibling relationships. Whatever the sibling version of UST is (“I desperately want to be your brother but you just won’t let me!”) this show has it all over the place. So this is a vid about that, sneaking in under the wire for Iron Fist Week!

Also posted on AO3 (with download links)


charlie cox talking about wilson bethel’s butt in the daredevil suit skskkfk I love this man 

Fisk is back.


In the new Spider-Man PS4 video game by Insomiac Games, a collectible backpack has a card from Peter Parker’s days at The Daily Bugle signed by various co-workers, including Eddie Brock.



Stunt Coordinator Clayton Barber explains how fights come to life in Iron Fist Season 2.

    This video is a bit more in-depth, a bit more spoilery, and also freakin’ awesome

A new teaser for Iron Fist Season 2!